Military Motorcycle Club

Supporting Our Veterans

We Are A Tri Service Military Motorcycle Club

comprising serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Commonwealth Forces members, their families, friends and support riders. We are an Australia-wide club and our mission is to support Club members, Veterans and ex-service members and their families for the next thirty years.

To provide a ‘safe haven’ – our Club – that creates camaraderie, mateship and commitment.

To ride our motorcycles and allow us the freedom to ride together, to bond together, to enjoy the road together, to look after each other.

Military Brotherhood Motorcycle club | Service Members

All persons being:

ex-service or
current serving of the ADF, Commonwealth or Allied forces

Military Brotherhood Motorcycle club | Sierra Members

All persons described as:

not having service
service members who do not have a motorcycle
a holding and training cell for all nominees

We look after others

To provide competent and dedicated welfare, pension and advocacy support to our members, Veterans and Veterans families in partnership with government departments such as DVA.

To implement our ‘Visit a Vet’ initiative and provide companionship to older veterans living at home, in age care facilities and other institutions.

To ensure observance of UN Day each year on 24 Oct in order to recognise the commitment, efforts and sacrifices of our Defence and Police personnel while on UN missions.

To create both the Veterans Assistance Centre(VAC) and Veterans Retreat, both being a ‘drop in’ centre for veterans who need qualified support, familiar surroundings and like-minded company.

We look ahead

To plan ahead 30 years to ensure the Club remains sustainable, is supported through local organisations, and remains a valuable asset within the Veteran welfare community.

To grow the Club through purpose, dedication and desire, and to recruit Sponsors to assist in our mission and objectives.

To align the Club with other military motorcycle clubs, to unite our common purpose and to build a firm camaraderie between us all.

We are proud

Ours is a military brotherhood from the very beginning, and we have been and still are bound to one another in such a way, that each will stand by the other, offering support, camaraderie and respect for the individual.