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Saturday 09 August 2014 – All current members, plus a number of possible new members met at The Wildpear Cafe, Dural at 1130 h for refreshments and a meet & greet to discuss the official inauguration of the Sydney MBMMC Sub-Branch. The meeting went well with an overwhelming vote to the positive. All the required Sub-Branch Executive positions were voted on and ratified:

President – Pommie
Vice President – Robo
Secretary – Steve
Treasurer – Jono
Sub-Branch Sergeant Major – Mez
Sierra Squad Leader – Wombat

After the inaugural meeting, those that were able rode as a ‘Sub Branch’ for the first time up the Old Northern Road to Wiseman’s Ferry. Here we partook of the victuals on offer at the Wiseman’s Inn Hotel, and very good they were too! Later in the afternoon we met with Stumpy from the Hunter Valley MBMMC to maintain the close relationship with the Brothers of our nearest family.

Jono, Cec, MiniMammi, Wombat and Pommie had already booked to stay overnight at the Wiseman’s Inn Hotel, and once Steve found out there was a spare bed going for free he decided to partake with the local brew and stay too.

The next morning saw us all having a stroll to the local cafe for a big fried breakfast before heading off down the road again and back to our normal lives. Great result and a great first overnighter for the new ‘Sub-Branch’.

Pommie sent the completed Sub-Branch application to NATHQ once all the Sydney members had re-applied for club membership IAW SOPs. Mucho has acknowledged our application, so now we’re on our Sub-Branch probation and hopefully it’s onwards and upwards from here.

12-1-14, Sydney’s 1st big ride.
Ride to Nowra to join up with ACT. Unfortunately ACT none could attend.
Attended: Robo, Stumpy, K, Jacko (Road Capt for day), Pat & myself (Gadget).
We started at the entrance to the Royal National Park, Made of way down to the coast (lots of windy sections).
Stopped at Stanwell Tops for short break, Beautiful weather.
Stumpy was getting in to the groove, head bobbing and even bike to some great music.
Arrived at the Bridge at Nowra for a Seafood Meal and to get to know each other.
After meal, we all left to go home via M1 Motorway, ride safe Stumpy as you have to get to Cessnock.
Once again it was great to see all, it was decided (as a group) we would ride on the 2nd Sunday of each month.