The following are the growing pains of our Club, displayed to ensure transparency, and to educate members throughout the Club in what is acceptable and what is not.

The National Executive has released these ‘lessons learnt’ to ensure present and future Sub Branches take note. The Club formed in 2009, and is now stronger than ever. Yet it has taken a good deal of effort to adjust, overcome and continue forward.

Members involved in these ‘lessons learnt’ will understand why they need to be aired – for the sake of the Club.

Seeking Incorporation when raising a new Sub Branch

22 Oct 12

Fundamental duties and responsibilities of an Executive

22 Oct 12

Grievance procedure and what to avoid

22 Oct 12

Treatment of members in thier own Club House

22 Oct 12

Resignation from the Club by a member, and then reapplying later

22 Oct 12

Removal of Colours

22 Oct 12

Disrespecting another Club

22 Oct 12

Member of Sub Branch or Club?

15 Nov 12

An Executive tried to govern its actions without reference to its Service Members

15 Nov 12

Service Member protection

22 Nov 12

Executive Members keeping Service Members and the Sub Branch membership informed

27 Oct 15

Use of Social Media in a Denegrating Way

08 Dec 15

Question regarding 3 months for Sierra Squad and 6 months for Service Members

20 Dec 15

Grievances (x2) by a Service Member against other Service Member

24 Oct 16